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A hosted NodeJS and SQLite platform for the server-side of your mobile application
Nothing new to learn. NodeJS and SQLite. From your browser.
No new APIs. No new libraries to install. If you know how to make a HTTP GET or POST from your client-side code, you're ready to go. Right now. Your code runs on codecloud.io infrastructure. Your app can talk to it over HTTP with JSON, SOAP or whatever you fancy. You have full end-to-end control. No command-line tools to fiddle with. No deployment hassles. You can manage your server-side code and data from anywhere.

We're in beta, so get in now and use the service for free.

Code your back-end with NodeJS, straight from your browser.
Create and manage your SQLite databases using the same interface.
$ wget -q -O - http://run.codecloud.io/myapp/mynewcode
Hello world!
Congratulations! From here you can use native APIs from Android, iOS and others to make HTTP calls to your new back-end.